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Contingency Search

Similar to the software licensing SaaS model, the contingency model or Recruiting as a Service (RaaS) allows you the flexibility and freedom to pay for services as they are delivered, which is the placement of a candidate. This low risk approach enables you to continue to use other sources both internal and external for your job search with no obligation until a candidate is placed and starts their employment.

Exclusive Search

When clients desire to work with a single recruiter, have a high priority opening or a need for discrete confidentiality, our Exclusive Search service gives our firm exclusivity for a pre-defined period of time without locking you into a longer-term commitment.

Retained Search

Typically reserved for executive and senior level jobs or hard to come by skill sets that require even further detail, research and vetting of candidates who impact the company’s growth performance, a retainer fee is secured and paid over the course of the project.

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