Unique Value

Industry Experience   

Our team has deep software industry experience, which enables us to quickly understand what you do, what your competitors do and how to find the right talent to fill your recruiting needs.  We believe it’s important articulate your solution,  key value proposition and go-to-market strategy to the market and answer relevant questions to attract the right candidates.

Passionate Personal Touch                

We love software technology and get as passionate about your company as you do!  We view ourselves as an extension of your team.  Taking the heavy lifting of identifying, targeting, sourcing and vetting potential candidates, we enable your hiring leaders to focus on other business-critical tasks.  It’s no wonder that we often hears comments like, “you’re so different”, “I’ve never met a recruiter like you” and “you’re one the best in the industry”.

Brand Ambassadors      

In today’s highly competitive and social media aware world, we know that the experience a candidate has with a client can have a lasting impact.  We strive to make this experience exceptional by bringing the insights of your company, solutions, job requirements and culture to prospective candidates to ensure and ideal fit.  We provide value throughout the entire recruiting cycle with constant feedback, check-ins and coaching well beyond offer acceptance.

Custom Search

Each job search is unique.  Every hiring leader has their own ideal candidate profile and we customize our searches to align with their specific requirements.  We create a customized template to guide our search for the ideal fit.  Our focus is on quality, not quantity.